The Challenge


Ashley HomeStores of DFW is a world-class customer care organization. In addition to offering quality furniture and home decor, thousands of customers flock to their seven locations around Dallas for the experience. “Our NPS score is already pretty awesome,” says Ryan Levitz, Director of Business Development. “but any time there is a response that isn’t a 9 or a 10, we want to immediately know so we can fix anything that went wrong.”


Ryan and his team rely heavily on customer experience as a differentiator, but their data came in slowly and scattered across various platforms. “I wanted an all-in-one system.” Ryan said.


The Solution


With Podium’s messaging-based Feedback product, the customer-centric furniture retailer found exactly what they were looking for and signed up almost on the spot. According to Ryan, “The purchasing process was incredibly smooth, so smooth that I can’t remember it.”


As soon as Feedback was implemented, Ashley HomeStores of DFW was able to get responses how, and when, they need them. Ryan said, “I wanted more freedom on when I could send out the NPS request.”


The Result


Feedback collects responses using messaging, instead of email, making it more engaging for customers. “There is a much higher response rate with messaging versus email,” according to Ryan, “which increases the amount of feedback that we need to continue improving our business!”


In less than 12 months, Ashley HomeStores of DFW collected more than 20,000 feedback results, with an average net promoter score of 91 out of 100. Not only were they able to get better results, faster than before, but with the added benefit of Podium, Ryan’s team could jump in when a customer was unsatisfied.


“We had a customer that gave us a less-than-six score because they felt lied to about a mattress. So we reached out, resolved the issue, and they came back and bought $15,000 worth of furniture.”


Feedback gives Ashley HomeStores of DFW the data to diagnose problems and the tools to turn them into solutions.