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Move from transactional to conversational with Podium card readers.

Payments enables local businesses to capture all types of transactions—from credit card processing to collecting payments via text—and manage them with ease.

It’s not just a payment—it’s an opportunity.

Make payments convenient for you and your customers with hardware that’s made to be mobile. By using card readers, you can gather reviews, build marketing opt-in lists, continue the conversation, and gain repeat customers, all while getting paid.

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of consumers still prefer to swipe, dip, or tap their credit card to make a payment.


more is what consumers are willing to spend in person vs. over the phone.


more reviews are received by customers who use Podium card readers.

Continue the conversation

Continue the conversation after a customer leaves.

Continue the conversation even after you collect a payment—once they receive their automatic receipt, you can ask them to opt into exclusive promotions or leave you a review online. Beyond completing a transaction, you can create an open channel for communication with your customers.

Customers can pay however they please.

Make payments convenient for you and your customers with contactless text-to-pay and card reader options. With text-to-pay, you simply send your customer a payment link so you can get paid in minutes, not days. You can also initiate every payment request from your computer or phone with our card readers to make paying safe and frictionless.

Consolidate all the ways your customers pay.

Whether you’re collecting a payment in store, remotely, through a mobile wallet, ACH, or more, you can capture it all in one place with payment processing through Podium. Plus, you can track all of your transactions digitally, and understand your customers’ habits and buying cycles—all from your Podium dashboard.

More secure transactions.

Our text-to-pay option allows you to be more PCI-compliant than you could be otherwise, and our optional chargeback protection offering—where available—makes it easy to safeguard your business. Plus, all card reader payments are PCI compliant and chip enabled, so they can protect against fraudulent chargebacks.


Make payments convenient and completely touchless for your customers through text-to-pay. Text customers a payment link to receive payments in minutes—not days—and keep the conversation even after you’ve sent them their virtual receipt.

Field card reader

Podium’s mobile card reader connects via bluetooth to Podium’s mobile app, making payments easy in the field. Podium makes completing transactions possible everywhere, so you can take your business anywhere.

In-store card reader

Our in-store card reader connects via wifi and is accessible with your computer and/or tablet. You will no longer need to worry about cords tying you down or having an outdated card reader. The screen provides prompts to your customer, making in-store payments as effortless as virtual ones.

"Thanks to Podium Payments, our average time to payment this month is just 24 minutes! More importantly, it has helped the payment experience feel safe and effortless for our customers."

Justin Miller

Franchise Partner at 1 Day Painting

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